The Right Hat Will Add Points To Fashion

Accessories are just as important as shoes, and choosing a pair of hats or glasses can quickly add to the fashion. In addition to the basic functions, this type of small accessories also largely determines the fashion. Today, share some common hat classs with everyone.

1.Floppy Hat

The floppy hat has a gentle and handsome feel, it is easy to wear the stylish taste of the atmosphere, and it is very versatile. Whether it's a thin skirt or a woolen hair, you can choose to wear a wide floppy hat. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, I definitely like the girl of Europe and the United States to dress up, and wherever I go, I am very eye-catching.

2.Classic Panama Hat

Panama hats have also become very popular in recent years, and they have slowly added a lot of feminine elements, making them an excellent accessory choice, such as the hats of Elie Tahari and Karen Walker, which are softer. In addition to the usual traditional color schemes, you can also try to choose some hats with a slightly darker color, such as Martin Grant's design.

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