How To Pick A Hat?

Here is Wool Boater Hat Factory talking about How to pick a hat.
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Pick a hat for your baby, it’s a good fit.
When the baby picks the hat, the big principle is that the material should be soft, light, and not too tight. A hard, overweight, and the too-tight hat has a certain effect on the blood circulation and brain development of the baby's scalp. How is it appropriate to be tight? Specifically, mothers can enlarge the head circumference according to the length of the baby, and then enlarge it by 1-2 cm, or choose the standard that the hat is 0.3 cm larger than the head circumference.
These 3 kinds of hats don’t buy for your baby.
1. A hat with a rope. For safety reasons, it is best not to bring a rope or a belt to the baby's hat to prevent the baby's neck from being caught.
2. Hat with metal decoration. Do not buy a hat with metal trim on your baby to prevent the parts from falling off and being swallowed by your baby.
3. Hats made of chemical fiber and wool material. If your baby has had skin allergies, it is not recommended to buy a chemical fiber and wool material hat.
Hats should also be changed frequently
The baby's metabolism is stronger than that of adults, sweating, and sebum secretion, so the hat should be changed every month to keep the hat clean.

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