Shunpu Straw Hat Made International Straw Hat

“I chatted with my friends yesterday: Many business owners have invested in other industries outside the main business, but many of these industries are at a loss. Later we summed up the reasons: if you can do a special job Things, then there will be results; if it is 'floating' there, basically no results. To do business still has to be solid and down-to-earth." Office of Chen Junbiao, general manager of Zhejiang Shunpu Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. He chatted with reporters about his recent experiences. Over the years, he has thought the most about how to make the products fine and fine, and to make the straw hats of Shunpu an international model.

In fact, as the leader of Taizhou handmade Straw Hats, Shunpu inherits the centuries-old weaving skills and culture of small straw hats. Since its establishment in 1986, the company has been famous for its inheritance and innovation in three generations. It has been well-known in the straw industry – it was named “Zhejiang time-honored brand”, and led the drafting of “Woven Hat Industry Standard” and successfully declared “Wenling Straw” It is a Zhejiang-level intangible cultural heritage project; it develops the Gaolong color card sample into a global straw buyer; it also sends the traditional Chinese “female red” into the international market and sells it in foreign big supermarkets. Start.

Today, Shunpu Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd 's products have covered the fields of paper and grass materials, hats and bags, straw mats, home decorations, arts, and crafts, etc. They are famous for their natural environmental protection, fashionable class, and beautiful fashion, and are exported to the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. 40 Multiple countries and regions.

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