What To Do If The Straw Hat Brim Is Deformed?

How to recover the straw hat? Because the hat was improperly stored or suitable for traveling, it was placed in the trunk. After arriving at the destination, the straw hat used for the concave shape was deformed, and there was no good-looking shape. Deformation of the beloved hat is also very distressing. The Paper Floppy Hat Wholesaler has collected some small methods for you to deal with this terrible event, which may help you.

1. Soak the straw hat in warm water and let it stand for ten minutes. After removing it, spread it out to dry in the shade to recover. Use a material that can be filled with water (to conduct heat well). It is best to put the hat upside down and leave it in the hot water for 10 minutes. Remember to do it immediately after recovery. Keep it away, it's best to put it out of touch, it will be fine overnight. Soak it in warm water for a while, which is probably softer to touch, then wash it and find a balloon to blow to the inner circle of the river straw hat, that is, the balloon can just hold the straw hat up and the old hat will not fall. After getting it in the shade to dry, the hat will return to its original state. After that, the hat will be stored in the same way. It will not be deformed in the future. It is suitable for any hat that is afraid of pressure.

2. Straw Hats generally refer to hats woven with waterweed, mat grass, wheat straw, bamboo stalks, or brown rope. The brim is relatively wide. Can be used to protect from rain, shade, and clothing in a cap during breaks to prevent dust from getting on.

3. Straw hats are made of seven strands of wheat straw (waterweed, wheat straw, bamboo stalks, brown rope, etc.), and the bottom is screwed by hand. After the bottom, the straw hat is knitted with a straw hat machine. Finally, use seven straw braids to circle the brim. Wearing this straw hat in the summer is not only shading, but also airy and cool.

4. Whether it is brought into the bathroom with a lot of hot steam or in a small space, use a basin under the hat to fill with hot water, use a plastic bag to wrap the straw hat to soften the grass, and then use a newspaper to knead the straw hat into the straw hat. Round shape, then knead and shape it according to the shape of the straw hat, and then let the hat stay in the shade. After a while, the grass is dry and the hat is set.

5. If the edge is deformed, first moisten the edge with water, adjust it to its original appearance, and then place it in the room to dry. Be careful not to expose it.

6. At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of straw hats:

First, it is dustproof and anti-deformation. During the wearing process, it is important to remind everyone that after the hat is taken off, do not place it casually. It should be hung on a coat rack or a hook. Do not press on it to avoid distortion. If the seller has provided a hat holder when buying a straw hat, it is best to put it directly on the hat holder. If not wearing for a long time, cover the straw hat with clean cloth or plastic paper to prevent dust from entering the gap between the paper and straw;

Second, moisture-proof: before putting on the straw hat, put the straw hat up and ventilate for 10 minutes to remove the moisture caused by the human body;

Third, if it is soiled, you can use a clean cotton cloth to wrap it on your fingers, moisten it with some water, and then dry it. Do not put on a plastic bag when it is not wet to prevent mildew on the grass.

Panama Hat Factory here is a warm reminder: In addition to the materials and functions of a good hat, it needs to be well maintained.

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