How To Wash The Hat Without Deforming It?

The hat is windproof and warm, and it can also be concave, but how to wash the hat is also a problem. How can the hat not be deformed? How to wash a hat? The following Panama Hat Factory brings you the right way to wash your hat.

1: hand wash knitted hat

Find a plastic basin filled with water. Do not wash with hot or warm water, otherwise the hat will fade and some materials will shrink. As long as the water is enough to submerge the cap, pour in a mild detergent. Stir with a plastic spoon to make a layer of foam float on the water. For woolen knitted hats, it is best to use detergents specifically for woolen fabrics, otherwise, mild detergents without additives such as bleach can also be used. The powdered detergent can be directly dissolved in water, so the washing effect is the best.

2: hand wash baseball cap

Soak the baseball cap in hot water. You can immerse the hat in a large bowl. As long as the large bowl can hold the hat, the amount of water should be sufficient to immerse the hat. Soak the hat in water for 20-30 minutes, so that the dust on it will soak out. Fill the sink with water and add detergent. The water should be hot, but be careful not to burn yourself. Add 15 ml of detergent to the water. The detergent used must not be aromatic or contain any dyes, otherwise it will damage the hat. Stir by hand.

3: hand wash Straw Hats

First make sure that the straw hat of this material is washable. Some straw hats are fragile and cannot even be washed by hand. However, most straw hats can be washed, but you must wash them by hand. If you are not sure whether the material of the straw hat is suitable for washing, then you can gently push down one corner of the hat. If the pinch is not moving, or it starts to slowly recover its shape after finishing, then the toughness of the hat can still be If it is easy to bend or even break, then this material is very fragile and is not suitable for washing.

Remove decorations. Straw hats are often fixed with ropes, ribbons, buttons or other decorative objects that are fixed with craft silk, which can be easily removed. But if it is sewn with thread, then you don't have to take it off. Dip a clean dish cloth into the detergent-filled water. Fill the water basin with warm water, add a little mild detergent, and mix well until foam appears on the water surface. Then immerse the clean dish cloth in water. After the dish cloth is saturated with water, take it out and wring it out.

Wipe the straw hat with a damp dish cloth. Wipe the outside of the hat with a dish cloth. If the dish cloth becomes too dry, re-soak it to ensure that there is enough water to wipe the straw hat. Wipe away the remaining dishwashing liquid. Wipe off the remaining detergent with another wet cloth head. Note that the cloth head is dipped in clean water, not the water just containing the detergent. Do not wipe the straw hat soaked, otherwise it may cause shrinkage. Put the hat on the hat mold to dry. The hat mold keeps the hat in its original shape. If you don't have a hat mold, you can invert a bowl to serve as a hat mold, and then put the hat on it.

Spray hat setting water on the inside of the hat. If you don't have a hat setting water, other setting water can be used instead, the purpose is to fix the straw inside. Restore the decoration. After the hat is dried and sprayed with setting water, you can restore the decoration to its original position.

The above are the tips for cleaning and distorting hats shared by Paper Floppy Hat Wholesaler for everyone. Hope to help everyone.

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