Cleaning Method For Papyrus Hats

The papyrus hat is a fashionable accessory. Basically, every fashionista will have such a fashionable papyrus hat. The papyrus hats are dark, light, and bright. What should I do if it is dirty? If you don't know, let's take a look at how to clean the papyrus hats of fashionistas. As the name suggests, the straw hat is made of paper-based materials that contain large components. Therefore, the straw hat cannot be soaked and washed with water. It must be remembered that the straw hat cannot be washed directly with water. The following Paper Floppy Hat Wholesaler will come to tell you.

How to clean a paper hat 1. Wipe with a wet towel

Use a wet paper towel to gently wipe the dirty area along the texture of the hat. If the stain that is difficult to remove is oily, you may wish to drop a small drop of detergent and wipe it gently with a wet towel. After cleaning, wipe with a clean wet towel Clean the detergent, and finally dry the straw hat in a cool place.

Wiping method reminder: Wet towels should not contain too much moisture. we have a suggestion that is to wet the towel completely, then hang it to drip and then use it to wipe, which is to make the towel appear semi-dry.

Cleaning method for papyrus hats 2. Quick brushing

The premise of using the scrub method is to make sure that your Straw Hats are waterproofed. The place where the water-treated paper straw hat is soaked in water is not easy to show signs of rottenness. Although the water-repellent processing is used, the grass-plant hat must be cleaned within 3 minutes by brushing. Quick brushing is a very particular method, so we recommends that you use a safe method --- use a wet towel.

Quick brushing reminder: If you use the brushing method, the straw hat will be temporarily covered by the flushing water, so the straw hat will drip, but you can’t take the hat to be exposed to the sun, because it is easy to get wet in the sun. Scrap, so no matter what method you use to clean the straw hat, keep the hat in a ventilated and cool place to dry.

You must learn how to clean the straw hat. The above is the method of cleaning paper straw hats introduced by Panama Hat Mens Wholesaler. Have you learned?

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