Two Methods to Match a Panama Hat


Panama Hat has evolved from the 19th century to the present, and most of the woven straw hats can now be called panama hats. Although the names are the same, different classs of Panama hats will give the overall look a very different feel. Today, we collects two different Panama hat shapes, one is a jazz-capped Panama hat, and the other is a classic wide-brimmed Panama hat. Let's see how different Panama hats should be matched.

1.Jazz-class Panama Hat
The jazz-class Panama hat has more urban class, so the overall clothing class can be more modern. Shirts, casual shorts and sneakers will be a good choice. In addition, this Panama hat can not be worn with a suit, and the effect of knitting can make the suit look more casual.

Matching plan:
We need clothing equipment: light blue long-sleeved shirt, dark blue casual shorts, white panama hat, dark blue sneakers.

2.Wide Brim Panama Hat
A wide-brimmed Panama hat will always look casual, and if you are going to the beach for a holiday, this Panama hat would be a good choice. If you are wearing it in your daily life, you must take a particularly casual and casual route. You can choose a low-key print trousers to set off the tropical class of the Panama hat.
Matching plan:
The equipment we need is: light green T-shirt, printed cropped trousers, dark blue peas shoes, white panama hat.


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