How To Choose A Fisherman Hat?

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1. The size of the hat is selected:
Many people wonder why the size of the same fisherman's hat and hat is different. In fact, the hat of the fisherman's hat is large and small (as shown below). The angle of the fisherman's cap of the big hat is relatively large, and it is necessary to cover the face. The small and narrow fisherman's hat has a small angle and does not block the line of sight. It is small and light, giving a very smart feeling.
However, it is necessary to choose a hat to avoid weaknesses. For people with big faces and square faces, the first thing is to soften the face. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a hat that covers the forehead. It seems that no face is not so long. A short that will make your big face more awkward. It is more lenient. It is recommended to choose a fisherman's hat that is slightly longer and has a brim under the cap so that the overall feeling is better, the height of the hairline can also be modified by the brim, and the trouble of carrying a parasol is saved in the summer.
In addition, the fisherman's hat of the big hat has a big hit, so there is a problem that it is easy to block the line of sight. When walking, you can choose to wear the hat as a whole or turn the hat out to avoid the danger of sight.

2. Type selection of cap top:
The shape of the cap of the fisherman's hat is also distinguishable, with a dome and a flat top. Generally speaking, the fisherman hat with a relatively deep hat is more suitable for people with small and round faces. The top of the hat can also lengthen the face to make it more stereoscopic, which can make the face closer.
It should be noted that the round face and the square face are not suitable for the low top. The round face is characterized by a rounded face, a topped head or a curved arc that stretches the face. Don't choose the dome and the lower design, it will make your face look More round and shorter.
3. Color selection:
The most classic is the black and white fisherman hat, which is also the color that the star often wears; if you want to be lively, you can choose the bright color fisherman hat or add some small accessories on the hat; try not to choose the color hat, but if you want to It’s a shortcut to stand out from the hats of thousands of top hats.
4. Cap belt:
I don't know. The fisherman's hat is designed with a strap. Don't underestimate this strap. The key moments are more useful. For example, when you are riding a bicycle, catch up with the wind. If you have such a strap around your neck, you don't have to worry about being The wind ran away.
However, when choosing, you should choose the one with a certain degree of tightness or adjustment. If the size is small, the face on the face of Le will be unsightly, the appearance is small, and the key is not comfortable.
5. Material selection:
Different materials are chosen in different seasons. In summer, it is best to use light and breathable materials. It is not recommended to use too thick classs in the summer, such as thick denim or corduroy. Otherwise, although beautiful, it will be very stuffy. In the winter, you can choose some knit or wool materials. However, the fisherman's hat is not recommended to start with a material that is too soft. Otherwise, it will easily collapse. If you don't have a hat, it will not look good.

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