What Is The Difference Between A Cotton Cap And A Polyester Cap?

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Hats in daily life have the functions of sunshade, decoration, warming, and protection, especially in summer and winter. What is the difference between polyester cotton and cotton? For everyone, simply say:

The cotton hat is all cotton, feels very good and is comfortable to wear. Cotton hats have better sweat absorption because cotton has better moisture absorption. Under normal circumstances, pure cotton can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is about 8-10%, so it can be closer to the human scalp, making people feel comfortable and soft, not very stiff.
Polyester cotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton. Because it is artificial mixed cotton, there are many advantages, such as quick drying, no ironing, light resistance and so on. However, compared with pure cotton, today's we only said that the gap applied to the hat, polyester cotton may be superior to pure cotton in other uses. But on the hat, the biggest disadvantage compared with pure cotton is that it is not easy to perspire, and it feels like a stab, it is easy to get static electricity. Our head is easy to sweat, and it is also a part of sweating, so if the fabric is not easy to absorb sweat and perspiration, it is not good for the use of the hat, especially the outdoor sports cap type.

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