Dragon Boat Festival Comes

Beach Bag Tote Manufacturer Warm Reminder: Dragon Boat Festival comes.
The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. According to "Jing Chu Sui Ji Ji" records, because of the midsummer ascend, Shunyang is on, May is midsummer, its first noon is the day to climb the high weather in Shunyang, so the fifth day of May is also known as "Dangyang" Festival."
This festival is a special festival to commemorate Qu Yuan.

Various folk activities:
Dragon boat race;
Hanging leaves, calamus, garlic;
Write a mantra;
Shooting willow;
Playing polo;
Picking tea, making herbal tea;
Traditional food customs:
Eating hazelnuts;
Drinking realgar wine;
Eating tea eggs;
Eat Cake.

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