Three Tips For Buying A Hat

 Hats are very common in our daily lives, and the use of hats can be very useful.

1. Keep your hair warm and cold in the cold winter.

According to medical research, people who do not wear a hat when they are not moving, when the ambient temperature is 15°C, the heat lost from the head accounts for 30% of the total heat of the human body, and 60% of the total heat at 4°C. If the head is cold, it will cause cerebral vasoconstriction, which may cause dizziness, headache, or dysfunction of the scalp and metabolic disorders of the hair follicle, resulting in imbalance of hair nutrition or unnatural hair loss. Seriously, it may also induce palpation of some diseases. Therefore, in the cold winter, the head is the same as other parts of the human body. It also needs to keep warm and cold. Please take good care of every part of your body!

2. It can protect the hair from dust and pollution in a polluted environment.

In places with large wind and dust, not only the hair is blown up, but more serious is the microbes and dust that are on the hair in the head raging on the scalp. Microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye may cause the scalp to breed bacteria, even cause hair follicle infection, directly affecting the hair's living environment and growth quality. However, if you wear a suitable hat, such as a Flat Top Boater Hat, not only put a beautiful coat on your hair, but also effectively block the damage and invasion of dust on your hair.

3. In the fierce sun, you can protect your hair from sun and radiation.

Many women who love beauty will take full-armed sun protection measures in the summer, especially with a colorful umbrella, which is both sunscreen and fascinating. However, in winter, the power of the sun is often neglected. When walking, it is always chasing. The sun goes. In fact, because the air in the winter is dry and clear, the strong ultraviolet light in the sunlight is not low, so you should not be too light on the winter sun, and should still prevent excessive sun exposure. Then, in order to avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays, for example, most of the winter, we often wear Floppy Knit Hat. Choosing a hat with matching class and color is nothing more than a fashionable and practical method can reduce hair exposure.

After reading the benefits of wearing so many hats, how should you choose a hat that suits you? Let us tell everyone as a Straw Fedora Hat Factory.

Choose a hat skill, choose the right color

The contrasting color combination is the key to fashion. When the color difference between the hat and the clothes is large, it may appear short. Hats and clothes are the same color, which gives a long impression. The color of the hat depends on the face color correction, and the yellowish face is not suitable for the popular yellow-green color this year, and the color of the gray powder can be selected. The choice of color for black or white people is relatively large.

Choose hat skill two, match with hat and face

1. The relationship between the face of the melon seeds and the hat: the face of the melon seeds is suitable for wearing any type of hat, the hat type of the hat is moderately deep, and the one-third of the face of the purchased hat is the best.

2, the relationship between the round face and the hat: the best choice of hats are square, pointed and polygonal, the most suitable types of hats are berets, engineering caps, knight caps and caps.

3, the relationship between the square face and the hat: the proportion of the hat shape to buy is higher, it is best to reveal three-quarters of the face shape, the most suitable hat for the octagonal hat, curling cap, cowboy hat and hat.

4, the relationship between the long face and the hat: the long face to buy the hat should not be too high, otherwise it will appear longer face, the face to expose two-thirds is appropriate, the most suitable type of hat to wear is fisherman hat, big cap.

Choose hat skill three, hat and body type

Everyone has a different body shape, but in general it can be divided into high fat and thin. Generally speaking, the taller person chooses a hat that is bigger, so that it does not give a smear of top-heavy. For those who are shorter, it is better not to choose a flat top hat, and tall people should not choose a high hat.

The above is about how to buy a suitable hat for your own, I hope to help everyone.



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