What Is The Use Of The Hat?

Today we Straw Fedora Hat Factory come to summarize What is the use of the hat.
1. A hat is a piece of clothing worn on the head, most of which can cover the entire top of the head. Can protect the head, this is the main role,
2. Some of the Straw Fedora Hat has protruding edges that can cover the sun.
3. Hats can also be used for dressing up, and can also be used to protect hairclasss. If you are unfortunately a bald, wearing a hat, you will not be found, or as part of a uniform or religious costume. Can be different types, such as high hats, sun hats, and so on.

There are also hats that have an outwardly extending canopy, known as the visor. Wearing hats has different etiquettes in different cultures, especially in the culture of Western countries, because wearing hats in some countries used to be a symbol of social identity.

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