Use The Color Mud To Make A Police Hat

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The police's big hat is a serious matter. Only the police uncle is qualified to wear it. The following symbolically makes a colorful mud police hat and appreciates the class of the people's police. The hat manufacturer teaches everyone to use the color mud to make the police a big hat.

1. First prepare red, yellow, green, blue and black color mud, a pen or a bamboo stick.
2. Put the five colors muddy, spare.
3. First, use the green into a cylinder, and then put it in the hand, the thumb and index finger circle of the hand into a circle, force the lower part to grip. Leave only the big top of the cap.
4. In turn, round the edges below. Take a piece of black, press it into an oval shape, and the diameter is as big as the green bottom circle.
5. Stick the green and black together to form a prototype of a large hat.
6. With two small pieces of yellow, smashed into two thin. Wrap two thin yellow strips in the middle of the big hat. Use a small piece of red to make a thin strip and wrap the red strip around the top edge of the big hat.
7. The following national emblem. First use a small piece of yellow enamel to form a strip, forming a U shape, as a wheatear.
8. Use a small piece of blue to form a strip, enclose it in a circle, place it in a yellow one, and then use a small piece of red to form a group, press it flat, put it in the blue, and point it out with a pen tip on the red. A small pit, when five stars. The national emblem will be done.
9. Put the national emblem on the front of the big hat and stick it.
10. Gently lift the upper part of the big hat upwards, and the top hat of a police uncle is ready.

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