How to Wear a Hat?

Summer is a season of hats, and most of the time I go out and I will habitually grab one. It can be shaded or simply worn with more fun, for example, Flat Top Boater Hat.

However, it is often heard that some people say that hats are very picky and it is really difficult to find a suitable one.

In my opinion, hats don't look good for a lot of reasons. Despite a lot of thoughts, before you choose a hat, you might want to think about a problem: Why are you wearing a hat?

If you want to buy a good-looking and suitable hat, you must first think about why you should wear a hat.

The first is to choose the hat type according to the face type. These claims come about because many people are looking for a hat to make their faces look smaller. However, the same type of hat, you may also find that some wear very good, and some do not look good. For example, Boater Style Hat .

The height of the hat, the width of the brim, the width of the ribbon, the fit of the hat and the head circumference, and the degree of exposure of the forehead and the eyebrows are many, and it is impossible to say absolutely that "a certain type of face is suitable for a certain type of hat." Like the same gentleman hat, it can be completely different. Even the same hat may have different effects due to different wearing angles. The only thing that can be affirmed is that the wider the hat, the more the face looks smaller. However, you also have to know that making your face look smaller is only relative to the hat. The hat will also make the head more eye-catching. Unless it is a head-class class, the hat will generally look bigger, because the head is in the whole body. The ratio is emphasized.

I want to make my face smaller, but I accidentally make my head bigger. This is really awkward and contradictory. However, we can still match, such as hats and tops are similar in color (either light or dark), compared with the color of the lower body, it will not feel that the proportion of the head is particularly large.

Of course, some people wear hats, which don't matter whether they are big or not, because the legendary hat is an accessory that can enhance the "fashion".

The hat is indeed a good decoration, can add points to the shape, but also need to pay attention: the hat is a strong presence of accessories. Most of the impressive hats are matched with the visual effect of the hat itself. The matching clothes are simpler. Many famous fashion bloggers love hat class.

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