Best collection of Hat&Bag Set for 2020

Since the day fashion trend has been booming among our society, there has been many ways people use to differentiate themselves from others by changing their look. This ranges from wearing a combination of small accessories and clothing to embracing jewelry, extravagant make-up, and other cosmetic products.  


The nineteenth-century marked the rise of a new fashion era where more people used colorful natural hat/bag sets as clothing elements to show: social status, personality, and desire.

Shunpu has been very fortunate to design such products to international clients on a consistent basis since its creation.


Listed below is our top collection of hat/bag set for 2020:

Hat/Bag Set 1

Hat/Bag Set 2

Hat/bag Set 3

We also display more collection of our hat/bag sets in our showroom for visitors to see what we can offer.


We strive to make the world more sustainable and bring more happiness and joy to our clients. That said, we can’t wait for you to visit our store and connect with us.

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