Which Hats Are Popular This Year?

In the winter, do you still feel cold above your head even when you go out with thick clothes? The hat is definitely a fashion weapon with a concave shape while keeping warm in autumn and winter! Now there are many fashionable girls on the street who are playing with various hats. So what are the fashionable hats now? The following Panama Hat Factory recommends a few models for you to ensure that they are correct.

1. Beret

The beret is really a classic class that has been circulating forever, and it is a hat that is particularly temperamental. Wearing the law is simple, just click it on the head, but remember to buckle it diagonally. But this is easy to crook, you can get a small clip from the back of the hat to the hair and fix it, so that the wind can't blow away! With high collar knitting is a very French class, elegant atmosphere.

Of course, as long as your clothes are properly matched, anyone in the aura can become a queen! With clothes on the outside, the coats are very strong, and high-heeled boots are also worn in autumn and winter.

Younger, girls who prefer motorcycle classs can choose leather berets, Super A! Another way to wear berets is to smooth the long hair behind the ears and let the entire face come out. But this look is suitable for girls with smaller faces. Choose a brighter beret for youthful vitality! The colors that match the inside as much as possible belong to the same color system. A coat with a matching color cotton jacket will bring a sense of youthful vitality to the students!

2. Navy hat

The navy cap seems to be very windy this year! All kinds of celebrity net reds are wearing, and they are also very in a hat type. Compared to berets, navy hats can be used more widely. Straight hair with a navy hat is refreshing and lively, while curly hair with a navy hat has a little bit of a woman's taste. Whether it is large or small, the navy hat can be perfectly controlled!

Not only can it be matched with a coat, but the sporty cotton jacket can also be easily matched, and it looks very harmonious. Fresh and agile youthful sense. At the same time as wearing a navy hat with a cotton jacket, it is recommended to pair the lower body with jeans with small feet. The lower body should be as thin and tall as possible to lengthen the body line, otherwise it will easily become bloated.

Navy hat with suit jacket is also a very trendy set of autumn and winter. The formal sense of the navy hat and the stiffness of the suit will present a more semi-formal match, and the temperament is online.

3. Bucket cap

The bucket hat is arguably the hottest hat! In autumn, black bucket hats can be said to have swept the entire Chinese fashion circle, and celebrities from all walks of life have appeared in the photo, the effect of the trend fan burst. Autumn and winter, bucket hats began to derive more classs and shapes. The most secure combination of bucket hats is to choose the color. The color of the bucket hat is best to be the same color with a certain item inside, so that the overall will be more harmonious. The easiest colors for autumn and winter are black, gray, and brown. Selecting Summer Bucket Hat is a versatile item. If you want to be more fashionable, bright colors are just fine! This will add a fashionable and lively feel to the overall shape, but if you choose a bright color, you must be very careful to wear it and your makeup must be complete. But don’t match it with a beautiful face, can’t support it, which kind of beautiful girl likes European and American class!

4. Fisherman hat

The fisherman hat is almost a man's hat! Don't think that the fisherman hat can only be worn in summer, and autumn and winter is also a concave shape weapon! I want to buy the right hat, I can control any face! With the popularity of fisherman hats, this year's autumn and winter lambskin fisherman hats have recently become popular! The hat shape is relatively non-pickling, who brings who looks good series!

5. Wool cap

To say that the most warm and classic in autumn and winter are woolen hats and Floppy Knit Hats. The woolen cap is indeed irresistible, but the woolen cap is also a bit picky, and the girls with big cheeks should be cautious. When you wear woolen hats, remember to have the same color as the inner items.

Does the concave hat class of autumn and winter move you? Want to look out for shopping recently? Hope to help everyone.

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