How To Match Panama Hats?

In addition to the summer sunshade to modify the face shape, the hat is more worn for the whole, but some hats are not breathable and comfortable, and are not suitable for summer. The Panama hat is not only light and breathable, but also a concave shape artifact, which is undoubtedly the fashion darling of summer wear. Whether it's a suit or a casual, you can satisfy a Panama hat. Today, Panama Hat Mens Wholesaler came to talk to you about how to match Panama hats.

First of all, we can first understand the origin of the Panama hat. The Panama hat is not from Panama but from Ecuador. It is made from a local grass stem called Toquila. It was first mentioned because foreign tourists who saw the Panama Canal liked it and called it a Panama hat. Toquila is mainly grown in Ecuador. The leaves contain slender fibers, light weight, toughness and easy to bend. It is an excellent material for weaving straws. Together with good weaving process, the Panama hat is not only breathable. Lightweight, and not easy to break, loved by the public.

Although the material of the Panama hat is everywhere in Ecuador, it is not easy to make a top quality Panama hat. In addition to requiring the craftsman to have superb skills, it will take a lot of time, which is why some Panama hats are worth. The reason for the lack of money. The denser the circle on the straw hat, the tighter the weaving, the longer the flowering time and the higher the natural price. The best straw hat often takes more than three months to make. In the previous manual era, only the upper class The top Panama hat that was worn by the fine weave. As a kind of Straw Hats, the top Panama hat is known for its softness. It can be rolled into a diagonal triangle-shaped cylinder like a piece of white paper, and it can be stored in a cylindrical box. When it is worn, it will not have any wrinkles or even deformation. An important way to distinguish the fine craftsmanship of Panama hats. A good Panama hat is often not cheap, so don't expect a few hundred dollars to buy a quality and skilled Panama hat. Nowadays, with the development of technology.

The most classic nature of the Panama hat is the match with the suit. In all major fashion weeks and trendy street shots, we can see the suit with the Classic Panama Hat The gentleman is elegant and stylish. In business meetings, suits with Panama hats are also a good choice. Not only did it not weaken the formality of the suit itself, but it has a unique flavor. The influx of people has never missed any popular elements, so even if the match is simple, with a panama hat, the mediocre clothes will become new. The original color of the Panama hat is the key to fashion, and the color is very versatile, which is why many street shooters love the original color cap.

In addition to creating a gentleman's taste, the straw hat is also very suitable for holiday classs. The friends who go out to play are not coming to "arrange". White casual pants with denim shirts have no highlights, but with the Panama hat, there is a moment of finishing touch, the overall shape is clean and fresh without losing the gentleman's breath. The collision between the Panama hat and the Japanese class has a small French elegance and a concave shape without losing comfort. The white cotton and linen shirts are not very complicated to cut, and the lines of the clothes are also very simple. With the bright color pants, the overall look is very gentleman.

The above is about the matching method of Panama hat, have you learned? If you have a need for Panama hats, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of Panama hats, welcome to buy.

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